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General Ultrasound Information

Societies and Associations
  • RSNA: Links to many of Health science societies.
  • MedWeb: List of health sciences societies and associations WWW links.
  • Medical Radiography: List of organisations and societies WWW links.
  • ASA: Acoustical Society of America.
  • ASE: American Society of Echocardiography.
  • AEC: American Endosonography Club.
  • AIP: American Institute of Physics.
  • AIUM: American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine.
  • ARDMS: The American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers.
  • ArSE: Arizona Society of Echocardiography.
  • ASUM: Australian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine.
  • ASA: Australian Sonographers Association.
  • BMUS: British Medical Ultrasound Society.
  • CCPM: Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine.
  • CFU: Ultrasound Training Center Cluj-Napoca.
  • COMP: Canadian Organization of Medical Physicists.
  • CSDMS: Canadian Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers.
  • ESC: European Society of Cardiology.
  • MUSoc: Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Society.
  • NBE: (American) National Board of Echocardiography.
  • RSNA: Radiological Society of America.
  • SCAR: Society for Computer Applications in Radiology.
  • SDMS: Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers.
  • SRUMB: Romanian Society for Ultrasonography in Medicine and Biology.
  • SVT: Society of Vascular Technology.

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    Employment Opportunities

    'In-house' job listings.

    The following regularly list ultrasound employment opportunities (use 'ultrasound' if keyword is required).

    Other sites.

    Journals and Books

    • A1 Alpha Space: Developer of PC/Windows-based system for 3D medical imaging.
    • Basic Baby II: Software for fetal size/age analysis.
    • ClickView: Ultrasound database, reporting and clinical infomation management products.
    • Digisonics: Software products and developer in the area of ultrasound reporting and databasing.
    • Field II: Public domain software for simulating medical ultrasound systems.
    • Freehand 3D Ultrasound: From Cambridge University, Department of Engineering.
    • Jos Bergmans': Java-based beam simulator for ultrasound array transducers.
    • RamSoft: Quality assurance workstations for diagnostic ultrasound systems.
    • SIMPLAN: Simulation of Echographic Imaging with sequential and parallel computing.
    • OLIMPUS: On-line image processing of ultrasound scans.
    • PZFlex: Finite element solver for piezoelectrics and ultrasound transducers.
    • Stradx 3D Ultrasound Software: From Cambridge University, Department of Engineering.

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    Medical Imaging News Groups

    General Information
    General Diagnostic Ultrasound Systems
    Hand-Held/Portable Ultrasound Systems
    High-Frequency Ultrasound Systems
    Intravascular Ultrasound Systems
    Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound Systems
    Transducers, Hydrophones and Piezoelectrics
    Pulsers, Receivers and Other Electronics
    • American Echo: Ultrasound positioning systems.
    • Specs USA: Manufacturer of computer-based CW Doppler systems and boards.
    • Imperium: Developer of the world's first first high resolution, low cost ultrasonic camera.
    • Milltronics: Ultrasound-based level measurement technology.
    • Panametrics: Ultrasound transducers and instruments.
    • QNet: Ultrasound pulsers and receivers.
    • SONIX: Ultrasound non-destructive testing equipment.
    • Ultran Laboratories: Industrial biomedical ultrasound for nondestructive analysis and processes.
    • UTEX Scientific Instruments: Pulsers/receivers and Winspect data acquisition software.
    Ultrasound Contrast Agents
    Networking, Workstations, and PACS
    Dealers of New and Reconditioned Diagnostic Ultrasound Systems and Supplies

    • Joe Aindow: Precision Acoustics Ltd. 2D arrays for ultrasonic field testing. e-mail
    • Michael Andre: University of California, San Diego. Novel imaging techniques for breast cancer detection and diagnosis, including ultrasound CT, acoustic holography, and contrast agents. e-mail
    • Andy Baker: Christian Michelson Research AS. e-mail
    • Jeff Bamber: Royal Marsden NHS Trust. High-frequency ultrasound imaging and tumour blood flow investigations. e-mail
    • Paul Benkeser: Georgia Institute of Technology.
    • Mahesh Bhardwaj: Ultran Laboratories. Industrial biomedical ultrasound for nondestructive analysis and processes.. e-mail
    • Mehmet Bilgen: University of Kansas. Tissue characterisation, nondestructive evaluation, and wave propagation in inhomogeneous media. e-mail
    • Svein Boe: University of Oslo. e-mail
    • Peter Burns: University of Toronto. Doppler ultrasound flow imaging, contrast agents, quantitative methods in haemodynamic measurement with ultrasound. e-mail
    • Larry Busse: LJB Development Corporation. Custom Scientific Software Applications written in C/C++ or MATLAB for the DOS, Windows, or Unix operating systems. e-mail
    • David Carpenter: CSIRO Ultrasonics Laboratory. Aberration correction. e-mail
    • Pawan Chaturvedi: University of Kansas. Inverse problems, acoustic and electromagnetic imaging, and signal and image processing. e-mail
    • Guy Cloutier: Insititut de Recherches Cliniques de Montreal. e-mail
    • Richard Cobbold: University of Toronto. Doppler ultrasound investigations of blood flow disturbances, and hemodynamics. e-mail
    • Larry Cook: University of Kansas. Electronic medical imaging including picture archiving and communication systems, and others. e-mail
    • Chris Daft: GE Corporate Research and Development Center. Optimal detection of ultrasound data, low-cost approaches to beamforming and others. e-mail
    • Emad Ebbini: University of Michigan. Ultrasonic signal processing, image-guided therapeutic systems, real-time 3D ultrasonic imaging, etc. e-mail
    • Stanislav Emelianov: University of Michigan. Elasticity imaging and biomechanics. e-mail
    • Kathy Ferrara: University of Virginia. High frequency ultrasound imaging and 3D mapping of the microcirculation. e-mail
    • Flemming Forsberg: Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. e-mail
    • Stuart Foster: University of Toronto. High frequency (20 to 200 MHz) ultrasound imaging, transducer design, and Doppler. e-mail
    • Martin Fox: University of Connecticut. e-mail
    • Rob Gill: CSIRO Ultrasonics Laboratory. . e-mail
    • James Greenleaf: Mayo Clinic. 3D Ultrasound Imaging, non-diffracting beams/transducers, therapeutic ultrasound, and many others. e-mail
    • Gabriele Guidi: University of Florence. e-mail
    • Timothy Hall: University of Kansas. Quantitative ultrasonic and elastographic imaging, measures of observer performance and image quality. e-mail
    • George Harrison: University of Maryland School of Medicine. Therapeutic ultrasound, ultrasound bioeffects, novel imaging methods. e-mail
    • Victor Humphrey: University of Bath. e-mail
    • John Hunt: University of Toronto. Ultrasound imaging and hyperthermia treatment of cancer with ultrasound and radio frequency sources. e-mail
    • Andrew Hurrell: Precision Acoustics Ltd. l-polymer based hydrophones and 2D hydrophone arrays. e-mail
    • Michael Insana: University of Kansas. Acoustic imaging, tissue characterization, signal detection and estimation, and others. e-mail
    • Jack Jellins: International Breast Ultrasound School. All aspects of breast ultrasound, high resolution ultrasound, blood flow assessment, clinical evaluation programs, quality assurance, educational programs. e-mail
    • Jorgen Jensen: Technical University of Denmark. Application of digital signal processing to medical ultrasound. e-mail
    • Joie Jones: University of California Irvine. Acoustical microscopy, tissue characterisation, inverse scattering problems, ultrasound tomography. e-mail
    • Tony Kadi: CSIRO Ultrasonics Laboratory. e-mail
    • Christian Kollmann: University of Vienna. Quality control and assurance, 3D ultrasound and ultrasound output measurements. e-mail
    • George Kossoff: CSIRO Ultrasonics Laboratory. Volume imaging. e-mail
    • Frederick Kremkau: Bowman Gray School of Medicine. e-mail
    • Hua Lee: University of California. e-mail
    • Geoff Lockwood: Queen's University. Intravascular ultrasound and transducer array design. e-mail
    • Larry Mo: GE Medical Systems and University of Toronto. Many including analysis and optimisation of B-mode, pulsed Doppler and colour flow systems and signals. e-mail
    • Russ Muzzolini: University of Saskatchewan. e-mail
    • Thomas Nelson: University of California. 3-D ultrasound imaging. e-mail
    • Vernon Newhouse: Drexel University. Transverse Doppler effect, capillary flow and perfusion measurement and ultrasound contrast media. e-mail
    • Andrzej Nowicki: Polish Academy of Science. e-mail
    • William O'Brien, Jr.: University of Illinois. Ultrasonic exposure and energy concepts and in vivo temperature increase estimation using ultrasound. e-mail
    • Matt O'Donnell: University of Michigan. Catheter imaging , elasticity imaging, adaptive ultrasound, handheld ultrasound, elasticity microscopy, etc. e-mail
    • Jonathan Ophir: University of Texas Medical School. Ultrasound elastography. e-mail
    • Kevin Parker: University of Rochester. Ultrasound contrast agents, sonoelasticity imaging, 3-D medical imaging and digital halftoning of medical images. e-mail
    • Peder Pederson: Worcester Polytechnic Institute. . e-mail
    • John Reid: Drexel University and consulting and tutorials in medical ultrasound. Ultrasonic imaging, tissue characterization and doppler imaging. e-mail e-mail
    • David Robinson: CSIRO Ultrasonics Laboratory. e-mail
    • Olaf von Ramm: Duke University. High speed 3-D ultrasound imaging, real-time 3-D ultrasonic data acquisition and scatter imaging. e-mail
    • Michael Sherrar: University of Toronto. Hyperthermia: treatment of tumors with microwave- generated hyperthermia; thermal dosimetry. e-mail
    • Kirk Shung: Pennsylvania State University. . e-mail
    • Stephen Smith: Duke University. Transducer array design and the development of an anthropomorphic cardiac ultrasound phantom. e-mail
    • Johan Thijssen: University Hospital Nijmegen. Processing of RF echographic images, real-time echographic video image aquisition and analysis, 3-Dimensional cardiac ultrasound. e-mail
    • Kai Thomenius: GE Corporate Research and Development Center. Ultrasonic instrumentation, beam formation, Doppler signal processing, bioeffects. e-mail
    • Rose Thompson: University of Sydney. Doppler ultrasound, mathematical modeling of the circulation and intravascular ultrasound imaging. e-mail
    • Piero Tortoli: University or Florence. Real-time processing of Doppler ultrasound signals, hardware developments. e-mail
    • Gregg Trahey: Duke University. Phase aberration correction, multi-dimensional vector velocity imaging and diagnostic application of acoustic streaming. e-mail
    • Daniel Turnbull: New York University. High frequency ultrasound imaging and application to biological investigations. e-mail
    • David Vilkomerson: EchoCath Inc. Development of ultrasound guidable medical devices, ultrasound image resolution measurement, new ultrasound devices. e-mail
    • Peter Wells: Bristol General Hospital. Many as well as being Editor-in-Chief of Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology. e-mail
    • Jens Wilhjelm: Technical University of Denmark. Arteriosclerosis detection with ultrasound, blood velocity estimation with frequency modulated and pulsed wave ultrasound. e-mail
    • Laurie Wilson: CSIRO Ultrasonics Laboratory. Tissue characterization. e-mail
    • Joseph Woo: Obstetrician and Gynaecologist in private practice. Obstetrical ultrasound and many, many others. e-mail
    • Krzysztof Wroblewski: University of Pennsylvania. Fetal echocardiography. e-mail
    • James Zagzebski: University of Wisconsin. Ultrasound imaging and tissue characterization. e-mail

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